COVID-19 Safety

As new COVID-19 variants emerge and the knowledge that many of us live in communities with high COVID rates, we are evaluating the COVID policies prior to each jam. The current policy is detailed below. Our COVID cancellation policy aims to provide latitude for those who register. Specifically, anyone who is registered can cancel with no penalty at any point up to October 10th if they feel COVID situation requires it. No penalty means full refund including deposit. After October 10th, partial refunds may be issued for those who are unable to attend due to testing positive for COVID.

Conversely, the organizers and the jam hosts, Claymont Seminars, can cancel the jam up until October 7th if the CDC states it is unsafe for people to meet in large groups. This would also mean full refunds for all registered jammers. We would love to have the jam if conditions allow, but we've been surprised many times during the COVID crisis and we need to be able to cancel with minimal cost to everyone if that's what the conditions at the time dictate.

In addition, our hosts and we currently require that all participating:

  • Must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination before arrival.

  • Must obtain a COVID test within 48 hours of arrival, and present proof of a negative test on or before arrival.

  • Anyone who cannot be vaccinated must show proof of a medical exemption prior to arrival.

  • Claymont may require wearing masks indoors. This will be based on current CDC recommendations.

We hope and expect that all will stay healthy and well while at the jam, but we can't be sure of that. Everyone attending will agree that, should someone develop possible COVID symptoms:

  1. Anyone who is symptomatic should immediately self isolate and test, and notify the organizers immediately

  2. Everyone should bring at least one extra rapid COVID test to the jam.

  3. If someone tests positive or has distinct COVID symptoms (inability to taste or smell, for instance), for the safety of all participants that person must leave the jam.

  4. Depending on circumstances of the incident, those remaining at the jam may need to self-test.

  5. If the organizers feel that such an incident warrants, they may shut down the jam without possibility of refunds.

All of this is subject to change as conditions dictate at the time of the jam. It's possible that the requirements will ease, but any substantial policy changes will depend on consent of all registered jammers.