At-the-ECJ Details

Specifics about being at our jam. See our Welcome page for general ECJ info and our Registration page for registration instructions.

Daily Schedule

All daily-schedule activities are optional - not mandatory, but opportunities to play and explore.

Throughout the day you can take a sauna and cool dip in a small shack across from primary dance space. See Sauna and Cool Dip, below.

Dance Barn: The Octagon

Most jamming happens in a dance barn that's around ½ mile countryside walk from Mansion residence. It's a pretty, 15-minute walk or a quick and simple drive. There's also a dance space in the mansion for smaller jams and other dancing.


Delicious vegetarian meals are part of the package. They include a simple breakfast and full lunch and dinner.

Indoor Residence

We stay in shared dormitory-style rooms of a Georgian style brick mansion - see the "Staying at the Mansion" section of Claymont's guest-rooms page.

There is internet Wi-Fi in the mansion and dance barn, but it can be uneven.

Bedding is provided but bring a sheet and towel if you prefer to avoid a $5 towel/sheet rental add-on charge.


Sauna and Cool Dip

Throughout the day volunteers from the group keep a wood-fired sauna going. It's located across from the primary dance space, so jammers can drop in at any time to toast and sweat, interspersing dips in the chilly spring-fed rock pool directly below to consolidate the relaxation.

Clothing is optional.

For sauna visits bring a towel and some drinking water.


Things to Bring

This list is not nearly complete just some suggestions including items that might otherwise be overlooked


The jams happen during season change, so it can sometimes be warm and sometimes quite chilly - sometimes both in the same day.