ECJ Registration

Registration Instructions

This section provides an overview of registering. The subsequent Registration Links section guides you to the pages with the exact details for the next jam's registration.

  • Register for the ECJ by submitting a completed registration form (link below) and paying at least the $50 deposit, which applies toward your total fee.

    • We use PayPal for online payments, including credit card as well as PayPal account payments.

    • You can also pay via a land-mailed check to the registration organizer.

  • There's a discount if you register early enough, and early registration payments including the deposit are fully refundable until the end of the early-registration period.

    • Balance payments above the deposit are refundable until a week before the jam.

    • The full balance is due a week before the jam.

  • To participate you must agree to and sign our liability waiver. We will have copies to sign at the jam, but it would be handy if you can print one out and bring it with you.

  • To participate you also must formally agree to abide by the principles described in Respecting Boundaries. Getting acquainted with and practicing these principles helps foster a situation that is safe for all.

Registration Links

Keep track of this page so you can use it to find all the registration resources.

  1. See the Fall 2022 ECJ jam page (Oct 12-16) for detailed costs and organizer contact info.

    • The costs depend on many choices, including how many days you'll be attending, whether you'll be staying in the mansion or camping, how soon you register, and more.

  1. Get acquainted with Respecting Boundaries, COVID-19 Safety and our liability waiver, to which you must agree in order to attend.

  2. Use the Fall 2022 Registration form to provide your registration details.

  3. Pay at least your deposit:

    • You can pay by credit card or PayPal account using PayPal via links on our Online Payments page,

    • or via a check sent by land mail to the registration organizer (see the jam page, link above).

  1. Your full balance is due a week before the jam, using the same payment methods as in step 4. (You can pay your balance earlier!)

  • If you use land mail, allow time for delivery.